Where to buy FBCx

Heard about the incredible fat-eliminating benefits of FBCx and its main brand, Calorease, and trying to figure out where to buy FBCx since it’s not widely available?

Well, you can buy them using the links below (finds you the best price online) or possibly at your local GNC (although they are likely sold out due to increased demand) as well as some specialty nutrition stores. I expect a lot more products to hit the market, which should offer up more options to consumers.

We will add additional products to the list as they become available.

FBCx Alpha-Cyclodextrin

While it has been on the market for a few years (in EU since 2006), FBCx alpha-cyclodextrin was recently brought into the mainstream as Doctor Oz did a spotlight segment on the “super fiber” which has been said to help eliminate up to 500 calories a day from one’s diet.

The alpha cyclodextrin – also shown as α-dextrin, α-cyclodextrin, α-CD, alphadextrin, alpha cyclodextrin (α-CD) - is the formal name for the corn-based soluble fiber, which is claimed to be able to bind and eliminate up to nine times its own weight in dietary fats.


It is a polysaccharide of 6 “glucose units” and is effective at solubilizing free fatty acids and can complex triglyceride at ratios much different than the typical 1:1 of most dietary fibers, but actually closer to 1:9 (fiber:fat ratio).

FBCx is the brand name which this ingredient is marketed under, and Calorease is one of the main consumer brands containing FBCx. Mirafit is another trademarked name that similarly contains the alpha-cyclodextrin fiber.

There are several studies that have examined the effects on weight management and weight loss, particularly in obese individuals with Type 2 diabetes. One study’s abstract concludes with “These results suggest that α-CD exerts its beneficial health effects on body weight and blood lipid profile in healthy nonobese individuals, as previously reported in obese individuals with type 2 diabetes.”

A few additional clinical studies include:

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